We … hope you will never hesitate to use us for references. You were responsible for seeing that our new home met all of our expectations, you helped us avoid many pitfalls and coached us to make many decisions that turned out wonderfully . I would never build another home without your guidance. Your attention to budgets and timetables made a big impression on us ...anyone considering a construction project would benefit greatly from your experience and judgement.   Please keep in touch. 

Warner & Dottie


Dear Derek,

I want to thank you for the work you completed on our basement. Now that the entire renovation is complete, we have a new and gorgeous space to enjoy. The project was the largest that I have ever taken on and I cannot thank you enough for your help, expertise, creativity, and professionalism. Lizzy and I feel very grateful to have found you as our contractor. Please feel free to share this letter with current and prospective clients and know that we will always be happy to be a reference for you anytime!

Some reflections on the project:

Trust: Every contractor you had working on our project was excellent. In construction, there are a lot of “generalists” or contractors that will try to take on more than they should in order to capture more of the client’s “share of wallet”. You hired the right professional for each aspect of our job. From electrical, plumbing, HVAC, to finished carpentry, each sub-contractor was excellent. This is truly one of the strongest “value-adds” you bring to the project – your relationships, experience, and oversight for the work.

Quality and professionalism: Each aspect was completed on schedule, at or under budget, and with a level of quality and professionalism that I have not experienced before. I felt comfortable allowing work to be done when we were out of the house and knew that I would not have any problems or issues.

Communication: You have a rare gift of empathy and intuition. I appreciate how well you communicated with Lizzy and I before, during, and after the completion of the project. You were straight forward on the budget and costs, called or emailed us for any decisions that needed to be made which avoided surprises and miscommunications. You provided awesome support when we needed your advice on certain structural or aesthetic decisions.

Timeline and Budget: Simple, open book. This was a large project (for us) and had quite a few moving parts. The project was completed under budget and on time. Derek always kept us up to date on which contractors were starting when and what their timeline would be. If anything changed, you would always let us know.

Extra praise: This was a big project for us that included some structural repairs and water proofing. While there were many decisions to make, you always provided sound counsel and an honest opinion. I can’t say enough about your creativity and thoughtfulness. You strongly encouraged us to re-locate boiler pipes and to make additional electrical and wiring considerations. I am so happy that I trusted your opinion and recommendations!

 Eli and Lizzy 


Derek Vander Hoop was the expeditor for the building of our beautiful home in Brookfield, WI in 1990. Through his professionalism and expertise, we were able to build the house of our dreams! Derek helped us feel at ease and confident throughout the construction process. His creativity and visualization skills allow him to tackle minor inconveniences to major construction problems. 

Our relationship did not end when we moved into our home. We have asked Derek for advice on many occasions over the years, and he has always been more than willing to help. 

His positive attitude and work ethic are second to none!! 

We would very highly recommend Derek Vander Hoop as your home builder or remodeler! 

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding Derek.

Mike and Debbie




Derek managed a remodeling project for us that included a master bedroom addition, new master bathroom, guest room remodel with a murphy bed, 2nd bathroom remodel, family room update with a rebuilt fireplace and custom cabinetry, and a living room update with built-in bookcases. We are very pleased with the results. This was a complex project with many issues which could not have been anticipated. We were very impressed with Derek's ability to work through and correct these issues. Derek has a thorough knowledge of home construction and remodeling. His experience in the construction business was a great asset in working with multiple subcontractors. We have also appreciated Derek's attention to detail and followup with us after our project was completed.” 

Miles and Beth



“Derek's work is amazing. Highly technological, always on time, high integrity, fair, efficient and a fun guy to have around. I can say without hyperbole that Derek may be the best general contractor in the Milwaukee area. 

We will work with him again” 

Dennis and Julie



Having built four homes in the past - and being very detail-oriented and hands-on, it was with great trepidation that we approached out latest project in that we would be miles away for 4 critical months.  My fear was erased when I realized Derek was in charge.  His attention to detail, his factual communication (complete with photos), his creativity, his adjustment when the 'unknown' arose - along with his rapport with all the various sub-contractors proved to be invaluable.  He's honest, likable and hard working and we would highly recommend him to anyone considering a building project - from a one-room remodel to a 'mc-mansion'.  

 Kathy & Jeff




"Our project is completed, and you have 2 happy people residing here on Green Bay Ct. Thank you for the final summary, the explanation of charges and savings, the very personal and professional way you handled the project, and the almost 10% below estimated costs you saved us. The room is a joy to us, and we are happy to have done the project,  allowing for a second time to be able to work with you."

"…Your concern for our home's security when we were away, and willingness to do the little things we kept finding for you, unrelated to the construction project are things that make you special (ie. the front door lock). You are a very talented individual, and we would recommend you to anyone who is looking for a remodeling project."

With humble thanks,

Michael and Susan


"We have considerable experience dealing with construction contractors and Derek Vander Hoop's service, help and reliability rank at the very top.  What was most impressive and welcome about Derek's service was his unending attention to detail, the accuracy of his cost estimates, the quality of his sub-contractors and his obvious dedication to near-perfection.  These qualities were particularly impressive because by Derek's standards, and ours as well, our project was a very small project - yet Derek treated it, and us, as though it was the only job on his mind.  We greatly enjoyed working with Derek and the excellent result he is responsible for."

 John and Sandy

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